What we do

Sharon is a teacher  from South Wales. We link her with a rural school in Lesotho. Over 6 months, she works together with the teachers in her school to develop skills and a deeper understanding of teaching literacy.

Over the months that follow, Sharon’s new colleagues in Lesotho share their knowledge and skills with other teachers – who go on to train others. One link that became 20 becomes hundreds. It makes a sustainable change to reading and literacy in Lesotho. It enriches dozens of schools.

Sharon comes back inspired by the positive influence new and innovative ways of teaching in Lesotho. This leads to the Literacy Leap Project engaging teachers and their learners across Lesotho.

This is what we do. We enrich communities, link by link. We facilitate partnerships between schools, teachers, hospitals and administrations. We focus on improving understanding and improving infrastructure – to create sustainable change for people in Lesotho and Wales.

Through engaging a wide sector of society in Wales and Lesotho we are making a real and sustainable difference to people's lives in both countries.



Specific programmes

Sharon was part of the Lesotho Teacher Placement Programme, which has been running for the last 13 years backed by Welsh Government and the British Council.

The Literacy Leap Project is now embedded in Lesotho, and in December 2017 Dolen was presented with the award for Sustainability the Wales Africa Awards for this programme.

Dolen is delivering Mental Health GAP training to non-specialist health professionals in Lesotho.  

Dolen Cymru is part of a consortium which delivered the International Learning Opportunities Programme (ILO), which offers public and voluntary sector workers in Wales the opportunity to develop leadership skills by working for 8 weeks in Lesotho or Uganda. Dolen Cymru now works directly with the Welsh Government's Wales for Africa team to facilitate placements in Lesotho.


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