What about training and preparation?


Dolen Cymru offers all teachers accepted on this programme a training programme specially tailored towards their needs. The training programme involves four separate courses, the first two in Cardiff and the second two delivered after arrival in Lesotho. They will take place on weekends in Cardiff Bay and accommodation and travel expenses will be provided where necessary.


1. Introductory Training Course:

Delivered by Dolen Cymru in October. This training course serves as an introduction to the programme and the partner organisations and an ice-breaking/team-building event. Sessions include Sesotho language lessons, health and safety (HIV, travel vaccinations etc), roles and responsibilities, what to take, preparation work, a Q&A session with returned teachers, and introduction to Basotho culture.

2. Pre-Departure Training Course:

Delivered by experienced staff in November. This training focuses on the professional development of the teachers, awareness raising of development issues, coping strategies for working in a new environment (e.g. dealing with large and multi-level classes, teaching through the medium of a second language), supporting teacher development (mentoring, classroom observation etc) and teaching ESDGC on their return.

3. On-Arrival orientation

Delivered by partners in Lesotho in January. This training is delivered in the first week in Lesotho and focuses more sharply on the local context. Sesotho language is incorporated throughout and a session is done on Basotho culture. The training also focuses on the development context in Lesotho (HIV/AIDS, political situation and the economy) and the impact these have on education.

4. Further Training 

On arrival in your placement District you will work closely with Basotho colleagues who have been placed in Wales as part of the  Wales Teacher Placement Programme.

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