What a difference 100miles makes!

Three and a half hours of windy roads through beautiful rugged countryside as we made our way up into the mountains. Each corner you turned, a new panorama- highlights including: ‘God help us pass’, little settlements of rondavels and the sight of blanket shrouded herd boys with their cattle in the distance.

Expecting a quiet serene rural town, we arrived in Thaba Tseka to find that Friday, is party day! Locals gathered round in the centre of town to watch a visiting well known Lesotho rapper perform some of his top hits… sadly we couldn’t join in… didn’t know the words :s

Having said this, the biggest surprise was the difference in weather. After leaving the 35◦c heat of Maseru in the morning appropriately dressed in shorts and t-shirts; we now understand the similarity between Lesotho and Wales extends to the weather. Rain and thunderstorms greeted us as we drove closer to Thaba Tseka. Luckily, we have come prepared with umbrellas (admittedly we had intended to use them to block the intense sun, not the rain!). We have been settling in to our new home at a local guest house and making much needed tea and coffee (between the power cuts!)

Since arriving, we have met some of the locals that we will be working with (including the Local Chief of Police, the Principal of the Lesotho College of Education and the Principal of Lotti Primary school) and are getting to grips with the Lesotho greetings!

Our team of four has now become three for the next few weeks as David has left this morning for the ‘big smoke’ to carry out some important educational reconnaissance work with Manyanye. 


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