Teachers experiences


Our current 2017 teachers are in Thaba Tseka, read their stories here:

 Mentor Denise





   "It was such a worthwhile experience. I learnt new styles of teaching and a new curriculum. The teachers in Lesotho were very supportive and we learnt a lot from one another. I taught up to 50 pupils at one time. The children are so eager to learn they would cheer when you walked into the classroom.I would definitely say to other teachers to get involved, it is such an amazing experience and you get to learn new styles of teaching that you can bring back to your classrooms at home." Fiona 2008


" I have become much more confident in my ability to teach  and feel that my work in Lesotho has more value than just teaching in Wales. My work allowed me to learn about their culture and allowed them to learn more about my culture. You have to throw yourself into it and get involved with as much as you can!" Danielle 2008


"Being in Lesotho for an extra six months makes your time there feel really worthwhile. I feel that me being out there has made pupils in Lesotho more interested in Wales and the rest of the world. It is so refreshing to have children so eager to learn and you surprise yourself by being incredibly resourceful! Everyone is so friendly and people have time for each other, it is such a different way of life to the fast paced one we have here. I would definitely encourage other teachers to come out to Lesotho." Helen 2008



LTPP 2016 teachers were based in Thaba Tseka also - read Mentor Mandy's blog here.




LTPP 2015 teachers were based in Quthing and Maseru documented their adventures here.



Kathryn Morgan was the mentor in 2014 and wrote their blog entitled Lesotho days with highlights here from her team of teachers.

Sharon Flint was the mentor in 2013 in Qacha's Nek and returned to lead the Lesotho Literacy Leap project.

Claire Bradford was on placement as a mentor in Mokhotlong in Lesotho in 2012. Read about life in Lesotho on her blog Learning in Lesotho.


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