Songs, Storytelling and Sunsets

It’s hard to believe that I have been out in Lesotho for five weeks already. The local Basotho people are very welcoming and keen to help us learn more Sesotho! We were surprised this week to find that Valentine’s Day is a big event in the Basotho calendar from a dress down day at school (where the sea of green turned to red, white and pink) to a parade of local college students in their finery.IMG_0260.JPG


The school routine is now established and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my days which start, without fail, with an assembly to share and celebrate learning and march to traditional songs followed by collaboration with teachers in lessons across the school. The children are so eager to learn and communicate with us in and outside of the classroom. One of my favourite moments of this week was singing phonics songs with some of the younger children in the playground when out and about doing a water audit!


A highlight of the last few weeks has been working with four classes (of over 100 pupils in each) within two schools to retell the story of Gelert using Pie Corbett strategies in preparation for St David’s Day. The enjoyment of students and staff alike made the hours of drawing storyboards worthwhile! Next week’s challenge… to remember the actions chosen by each class!

It’s been a pleasure collaborating with teachers and student teachers in maths over the last few weeks and to use practical, interactive approaches to teaching probability and equivalent fractions; seeing the children’s excitement and satisfaction when provided with resources to carry out their own investigations was priceless.


Part of our remit for our time here is supporting the schools in teaching their pupils about water sanitation and hygiene. One of the elements of this has been creating wash stations for use at the schools (as running water is scares in several of our schools). The sourcing of materials for this has been more challenging at times than we had foreseen! Nevertheless, with the guidance of my Principal and the help of the school carpenter we have prevailed and are well underway with the tippy tap construction!- thank you to those who have donated via our just giving page, this work would not have been possible without your help! (Pictures of the completed taps will follow shortly) :



Last week we began our work at Lesotho College of Education working with student teachers in their first and third years. The students and lecturers are enthusiastic and keen to participate and are making our Friday working an enjoyable experience.


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