Since 1985

Just a few things that have happened since 1985:

  • Over 130 schools have been linked throughout Wales and Lesotho through Dolen Cymru's school linking programme, reaching over 40,000 children in Wales.
  • Reciprocal visits allow teachers and pupils from each school in Wales and Lesotho to spend at least a week at their link school, facilitating the exchange of teaching practises.
  • Since 2005 over 50 teachers have been out to Lesotho through our Lesotho Teacher Placement Programme, their work is essential in the education of children throughout the nation.
  • Many organisations have been involved in raising money for different projects in Lesotho. Merched y Wawr launched a sponsered knit for Lesotho raising over £13,000. They also published a book of tales from Wales and Lesotho called "Y Ddolen Air - Straeon o Cymru a Lesotho."
  • Church leaders from Wales and Lesotho have been involved in exchange programmes.
  • Town to Town twinning began in 1999 when St Davids became twinned with Matsieng in Lesotho.
  • Dolen Cymru has arranged numerous elective placement for medical students from Wales at hospitals in Lesotho, with reciprocal training for Lesotho health staff in Wales.In 2003 12 Welsh volunteers arrived in Lesotho.
  • In 2007 Prince Harry was appointed Patron of Dolen Cymru
  • In 2014 the Welsh and Lesotho Governments signed a Memorandum of Understanding between our two countries.

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