School linking in Matsieng

Ysgol Dewi Sant in St. Davids, Pembrokeshire has recently linked with Mahlonyeng Primary & High School in Matsieng. They are both very keen to create a mutual partnership that will benefit both schools involved and the local community. Matsieng has already a strong link between Moshoeshoe II High School and Ysgol Plasmawr in Cardiff and St Mathews-Matsieng Primary School and Ysgol Bro Dewi in St. Davids. Our meeting during our visit further discussed how these links can be brought together to forge an even stronger partnership......

Building successful partnerships


Vicky Leech from Oxfam Cymru, ex-LTPP teacher and current ILO participant came with us to discuss ways forward for Moshoeshoe II High School and their interest in developing literacy and peer learning. 'Me'Molai the Head of English had recently visited Wales and was extremely happy to see us in her school with ideas and advice for progress. Along with other members of the department and community we agreed that....

Points of action for 2015 are:

1. All schools in Matsieng are going to meet regularly, share good practice and discuss ways forward for the link.

2. Moshoeshoe II are going to pilot a partnership with St Mathews Primary School to help with their library and reading support programme - they have a keen group of learners ready to share their literacy skills with younger students.


3. Mahlonyeng School will follow suit as soon as they receive donated reading scheme books and library books for their High School. PLEASE help this happen by donating to our Literacy Leap project and supporting these enthusiastic teachers and learners paving the way forward for Lesotho!

4. St Mathews Primary School is preparing a bid for construction work to take place to improve their learning environment. They have received assistance from St. Davids civic link to build a classroom but now need to furnish it and build another room to accommodate their increasing roll of and more information to this space!


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