School Assembly at St James Primary.

With St David’s Day falling over a weekend and being down in Quthing with the other LTPP teachers to help out with their events I was therefore not able to celebrate the day in my school. However an opportunity arose when the teachers asked me to conduct the morning school parade.

Using St David as the theme. I spoke of the message he gave to his follows shortly before his death. His wish was that they should continue to follow in his ways by doing the simple little things.   For the children I gave some examples, a smile, a helping hand, saying please and thank you, sharing, paying attention to teacher, for true greatness comes from doing the little things.

A Simple Prayer

Give us O God

Thoughts which turn into prayers.

Prayers which turn into Love.

Love which turn into Deeds.


Here are some  pictures.    

IMG_6588.JPG              IMG_6583.JPGIMG_6592.JPG

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