RUGBY NEWS: Maseru Warriors Appoint Welsh Coach.

Local Maseru Warriors Rugby Team Appoint Welsh Coach for the remainder of the season.


Ok the content might not be as spectacular as the headline, but I am Welsh, a qualified coach so it is not that far from the truth.  Please read on.    

Being in Lesotho is not all about teaching in school sometimes one’s    skills can be used in the local community. 

After setting up a meeting with the Chair and Secretary of the Federation of Lesotho Rugby I was asked if I could help out with some coaching.  

My first session ended up with me taking the whole evening training    It was a bit like pre season training at home on the occasions we get very hot summers evenings meaning it was very hot.  Thankfully as a coach you don’t have to do so much running.  However you have to demonstrate some of the drills so some running is involved.

 I must have done something right, as at the close I was asked if I would return to do the Wednesday evening session.

Wednesday duly arrived. There did not seem to be any casualties from Monday night.   I did however ask about any after effects. The response, they felt very stiff the day after as they had not experienced such a hard session before. All I can say is  “gentlemen welcome to the house of pain.’’

The players still keep coming back for more and at the end of each training session they thank me and shake my hand. Rugby is such a wonderful game both on and off the field.


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