Reflections on Wales

Keneuoe’s reflections

My visit to Wales is quite and adventure, so far I have noticed that teaching is not about doing your job, but all teachers here are more dedicated  to their job and are more committed to their job. This explained like this on Monday the 15th June I visited one of the school’s my colleague is placed in and I was in a Reception class. The teacher in there believed and  knew that those learners learn effectively through touching, observing and singing. Believe in me that teacher had all those learners listening, she even sits flat on the floor if necessary, I was alarmed indeed. The learning doesn't end there, it was sports day on the same day, it was only for lower classes and what I liked was that the sports was not all about winning but to have fun too and the teachers made that clear to the pupils. What was more amazing was that the parents we're part of the sports,

Nthabiseng’s reflections


I am in my third week of my placement in a Wales; this week was hectic but fantastic on the other hand. It was sports day at Y Castell on Monday, only the younger classes were taking part in the activities. What l liked is that the parents are coming to watch their children. Apart from that, sports activities start after class. Oh, one more thing, all learners take part and that’s brilliant!!


So in Ysgol y Castell nothing stops the classes even the exciting sports day. I enjoyed myself to tell the truth. The races were fantastic, they running, skipping, hopping all this was done in one race. They even raised money by selling different types of food.


Then, l woke up to another of fun on Wednesday l was a bid shocked when l first heard that we are going to meet important people in St David's Cathedral in West Wales. Wow! Were received a very warm welcome from Mr Chris Taylor and the rest of the team. We went to the church for a short and enjoyable church service for Year Six learners who will be in high school in September. Eight schools  that are under St David Diocese were taking part in that service. That was amazing how those kids were singing. The view there is breath taking, beautiful and big buildings. I was so shocked to see how people from all walks of life come to St Davids just to adore the beauty and holiness of that city. It’s a really, really a beautiful place to be. We had a nice dinner with Sharon and people from St Davids-Matsieng link, at the Cross hotel it was a stateful dinner indeed. Next we took a tour around schools there, two primary schools and one high school. Very clean, organised schools we met lovely teachers and learners


Tseko's reflections


The blue Monday of June 15th 2015 I visited Ysgol Y Castel in Kidwelly. It was a sporting day for the juniors only which were scheduled to kick start after lunch. In the morning I observed the Reception lesson of which it was fantastic, that 40 minutes was adequate for the learners to do Maths, music, environment, etc .In a nutshell I saw a real integration of subjects. I also spent quality of time with learners who are sociable. I was overwhelmed by the attendance of parents  on the sports day of which I’m not used to it. Parents were cheering their children and they were having a race with some obstacles. Then by the end of the race, parents and some teachers participated on the race too. Just like a champion, coming from behind with my crew we finally won the race.

On Tuesday I went to my school named Richmond Park where I had a wonderful hour with year 2 learners. I had a lesson with them where we had to look at the minibeasts in the yard and find where they live, they had to write where they saw them and draw them in their books. That was interesting time because the learner were doing the research and I was a just facilitating.

June 17th 2015 I went to St David’s City for the farewell service of year 6 learners. We arrived at St David’s Cathedral an hour before the service so we had enough quality time to explore. I felt like day-dreaming. Everything in that cathedral was old but kept safe and clean. I had a memorable time in there. I even touched the stone that Saint David brought it all the way from JERUSALEM!

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