Reflections from Katlehong Primary School

Mme Lillian Mohlomi teaches at a large school in Thaba Tseka  called Katlehong Primary School. She came to Wales in 2018 and is partnered with Swiss Valley Primary School in Llanelli (hear from Head teacher Mr Morris here about his trip to Lesotho). During lockdown she has been running home learning for some of her class, here are her reflections:

Lockdown home classes:

Objective: to help learners with learning as they're are still at home through social media.

Success: Learners were able to do and submit their work through whats app. We were able to define the topic and give notes.

Challenges: We discovered that we have only 5% of learners who can access the social media. Our learners are in remote areas where there is no network. The other barrier is the type of phones they have, they can’t access social applications. Learners also do not have their own phones so when parents went out for various reasons they do not do the work. Some parents have phones but are unable to use them.

What we think can work: to make focus group in villages to give learner work and collect it for assessment weekly. Maybe we can reach about 70% and that can have a large impact on our learners.




Mme Lillian has been working online by making digital resources for teachers, presented at our Education Conference, taken part in online training led by the British Council and Jolly Futures. Last month she had the chance to take part in a face to face workshop presented by Basotho photographer Justice Kalebe.

Respect & Dignity in Photography Workshop



"The workshop opened our eyes on how, where and when to take photos. As teacher is very important to know how to take photos because they help a lot in a reporting ad as a teaching resource. I also guess we need this training once more and with people from various stakeholders as  have realised that most people just take photos without technical know how. As we open schools I found it very vital if what I learnt there I can share with my colleagues. And I also thought we need Ntate Justice to visit Primary and High schools to guide our learners how to be a professional photographer. I was so impressed!!

Justice commented that:

"The workshop objective was well met with participants that were engaged from the start to finish. I was fascinated by the enthusiasm of the participants and their passion in taking images and telling stories. The allocated time of half a day for the workshop was little but managed to cover a lot. I highly recommend this workshops as part of strengthening use of visuals in telling stories on the ground and a tool for monitoring and evaluation of projects. I enjoyed working with everyone and hope we have a second phase of the training in the future."

Follow Justice on Instagram to view his inspirational and inclusive photography story telling in Lesotho.


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