Reflections from Auray Primary School



With my new knowledge on Jolly Phonics, I'd like practically with my learners do phonics learning: reading and writing, blending, spelling, actions imitating the sound. I'll also like to share to colleagues the knowledge I gained from jolly phonics learning and teaching, in my school and to other schools in Mant'sonyane. As I have already started teaching the phonics in my class, I'll try very effectively to convince teachers how so important is this learning, for the development of our learners in literacy. I'd also suggest whether we can create the Jolly Phonics teacher's team so as we're always updated and continuous learning, share new experiences, techniques, and skills and also help each other.

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  • Sharon Flint
    published this page in Blog 2020-11-13 10:01:42 +0000

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