Quthing's literacy leap

After a very successful start in Maseru and Matsieng, Kathryn and I drove back to Quthing to start our Literacy Leap Stage 2 monitoring. We had already seen huge success in the schools we had visited and were really excited to delve a little deeper, work with some principals, and interview teachers and learners.

Our week started with an ambitious workshop with all Principals, Phonic Co-ordinators and Education Officers from the area. All staff involved in LTPP and LLL needed to fully understand that our assistance was coming to an end and they need to push forward on their own. We decided to focus on 'self-evaluation and action planning' which would pave the way for their individual school improvement and District wide progress. The level of understanding and reflection was phenomenal, Principals worked with and took the lead from their colleagues who have been engaged in the Phonics teaching project.

     The next day saw a number of school visits on the agenda, where we interviewed teachers and made individual assessments of pupils Phonic knowledge. We were so happy to see enthusiastic engagement by teachers and secure knowledge and confidence of learners. Progress is clearly underway for all parties involved!!!

We took a road trip to Mount Moorosi, an area who have recently received books from School Aid and after climbing a mountain with these kind gentlemen we were very impressed by the progress made in a relatively unsupported school. The staff had received two workshops and were already embedding Phonics teaching across the school.

The ultimate highlight of the week was observing a Phonics Workshop led by local teachers under the guidance of LTPP mentor Kim. As part of a wider programme involving the Phonic co-ordinators from a number of schools, Mpetho and Nthabiseng were expert facilitators combining English and Sesotho to inspire and lead the way for Literacy teaching in their District.


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