Qacha's Nek is still leaping


The two Districts we love and cherish in Lesotho, nestled next to each other in the South of the country. So much good work has been done in both.....but who is performing the best???

One of the LTPP teachers joined Kathryn and I on our long journey to Qacha. Alice's school in Wales is linked to Qacha's Nek United Primary School and they were desperate to meet about her experience here.


As Alice spent the day with her 'new' school, Kathryn and I made a few school visits and 'drop in' lesson observations in Qacha's Nek town. We were very, very happy to see happy children, engaging learning environments and confident teachers using the strategies and techniques I had shown them in 2014.

Sister Anicia from Hermitage Primary School - make me very proud!!


We ran a workshop for key 'literacy leaders' with my fantastic colleague 'M'eMakopano, who is now a District Resource  Teacher. The workshop was received well with my 'expert' team there to share their current practice in Lesotho and Wales.  Many teachers were confident with the letter sounds but were shown ways to remember them and commit the process of teaching Phonics to memory. 


With the District Resource teachers on board, they promised to go from strength to strength and develop the literacy skills of their learners as a team. The Head of English from one of the High Schools attended and closed the workshop with some poignant thoughts on how they should, as Basotho expand their 'oral culture' to give young people the tools for learning through reading and writing. Pob lwc Qacha!!!





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