Professional Partnerships 2021

Listen to Ntate Clement from Mokhotlong present to teachers in Nigeria this week, sharing his experience of partnering with Richmond Park Primary School in Wales.

During lockdown Dolen has helped facilitate online training for Basotho teachers in partnership with the British Council South Africa. We are now sharing our success stories further a field across Sub Saharan Africa.

'We would like to express our sincere appreciation for recommending Clement to share his rich experiences of CCPP with Wales . He is a champion and a true ambassador of CCPP . We wish him every success personally and professionally. Thank you for the the inspirational leadership that you provide and the trust that accompanies it.'
Molly Ramlachan, British Council Partnership Support, Nigeria 


Read more about the partnership with Richmond Park below and
find out how we have worked with the WCIA to support their online professional development courses in both Wales and Lesotho here:




'Warming greetings from the mountain kingdom of Lesotho.

My name is Mr Clement Lekanyane, a professional teacher at Mokhotlong LECSA primary school in Lesotho. A grade five (5) teacher with one hundred and twenty (112) learners in one classroom.

Thank you organisers & facilitators especially Molly for granting me this honoured privilege to share with you all about my experiences on issues relating to Connecting Classrooms through Professional Partnerships.

Currently in our country schools are not yet opened due to covid-19. Therefore, the British Council has been pleased to organise virtual meetings to equip us teachers with necessary teaching skills on educational matters and to maintain our professional partnerships effectively.

My school is partnered with Richmond Park Primary School in Wales. As a way of motivating our learners to value their partnership, I & Nick managed to get few learners who use their parents mobile phones to share pictures and videos and even exchange pen pal letters.

Our link with Richmond Park is growing strongly because of effective communication between the two schools through their coordinators namely Clement & Nick. Our key role is to ensure that all what learners wished to share, we send them to each other for learners to enjoy reading, watching and even laughing.

We are focusing on teaching and learning of SDG11- Sustainable cities and communities. Our main shared project title is Planting the seed of thought which our learners will be working on as we open schools to ensure that their school environment remain green and child friendly.

Challenge with me in particular is the lack of devices and data to fully get learners connected in global learning using the following technologies apps: WhatsApp, telegram, Twitter zoom and Microsoft teams which we teachers and our BC management team use for meeting and sharing information as a way of developing and watering our relationships.

As a way of making learners appreciate other cultures, we allow them to perform traditional dances and wear traditional attire to celebrate special days in both countries. For instance, St. David's day and Moshoeshoe’s day.

As a professional teacher, I always share information with my fellow teachers about valuing the partnership with Richmond Park. It is encouraging to see their positive response and how they value international relationships as it exposes our learners to global learning.

The training like this one we received has really made a big impact on our professional lives as teachers. We are just waiting for schools to open in order to demonstrate what this unique virtual training has done to us.

Recently, as a Moyeni cluster, we had a wonderful virtual meeting where we collaboratively shared our experiences in this partnerships. Therefore I highly recommend that for this International partnership to work effectively it needs to be cultivated well with self motivated professional teachers with good motives to ensure it remains sustainable.

Thank you for your time and I hope my brief story helps that you Nigerians teachers and colleagues to feel moved to do something after this fantastic session.'




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