Phonic Coordinators Workshop

Six Phonic Coordinators from six different schools joined forces to learn more about phonics, and ways of progressing to raise standards. They are now equipped with more skills to start sharing with their colleagues. The networking process begins!


Teachers from Villa Maria, Phahameng, Moyeni, Katleho, Holy Infant and Holy Trinity joined me for a full day of phonics training yesterday. It was a successful day with full participation from all of the teachers.


New ideas were shared, teachers discussing successful methods in their school and sharing ideas.



Teachers were so competitive working in their teams when playing phonic games, I have never seen teachers so enthusiastic to complete a class word search, they were jumping out of their seats to find words.

They came together nicely as one to discuss and explain to each other some of the new methods whilst I was preparing their lunch.



After lunch, we looked at more activities and the teachers were given time to make some new resources. Everybody was so engaged and making plenty of new resources to take back to school to show their colleagues.



The men getting stuck in


 A great artist, teacher from Moyeni Primary.



The ladies making lots of new teaching material


Villa Maria Deputy Principle learning lots about phonics and making some lovely resources.




Me Fozi from Holy Trinity Primary making reading board games



Me Banda Holy Infant teaching Me Fozi to make a cube net to create a dice for her reading games. Great team effort!!



A successful team effort, teachers beginning to share knowledge and ideas. Lets hope this is the beginning of a new networking process in the six Quthing schools and beyond.


I asked each teacher to write down one thing they have learnt from the phonic workshop. I was pleased to read Ntate from Moyeni realised that phonics is the core of English and other subjects, as he said 'master of education'. Speaking with him makes me realise that LTPP last year and the support given this year is making a real difference to schools where the foundations of English were unknown. 



After a successful Phonic Coordinators Workshop and seeing the networking and sharing taking place it makes me feel optimistic for the future of a sharing profession in Quthing, Lesotho.Now their challenge is to return to school and disseminate the information to their staff.


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