Moshoeshoe Day 2015


Happy Moshoeshoe Day from the Dolen Cymru office in Cardiff

 The Wales Lesotho link is fantastic, it is also Moshoeshoe Day here in Lesotho today which is a public holiday spread the congratulations amongst you friends...Mary Oliver MBE

Happy Moshoeshoe Day! And congratulations to Dolen Cymru for 30 years of partnership with Lesotho; an amazing achievement!



Happy Moshoeshoe Day from Johnstown School, Carmarthenshire


St James' Primary School in Caerphilly wore their blankets to school & made Basotho Hats



Ysgol Dewi Sant shared their knowledge with the rest of the school on Moshoeshoe Day








Celebrating Moshoeshoe Day in Lesotho.....


Thaba Bosiu visit - February 2015

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