Matsieng workshop

The Royal village of Matsieng has a very special link with the city of St. Davids in Pembrokeshire and in my new capacity as Education Officer I have been trying to develop the link as an effective cluster in Wales and Lesotho. Our first port of call was to hold a workshop for teachers from St. Mathews, St Louis and Mahlonyeng Primary schools in the village. For most of the attendees it was their first introduction our programme and the powerful teaching possibilities created by Phonics. 

The workshop layout was the following:

1. Introduction to Wales-Lesotho Link and Lesotho Literacy Leap

2. Reading task - try to read and understand the meaning of text in Welsh. Re-introduce with phonic knowledge

3. Introduce SET 1 sounds in the Jolly Phonics series - follow the story, letter sounds, shapes and actions for s, a, t, i, p and n

4. Blend 3 letter words using SET 1 and hand made letter cards/card holders on a washing line

5. MAKE 3 letter words in pairs using small letter cards 

6. Write 3 letter words using small chalk boards

7. Introduce SET 2 sounds - c k, e, h, r, m, d & repeat the stages of sound blending and word building involving teachers as leaders.

8. Repeat for Set 3 sounds g, o , u l, f and b as above

9.  Introduce 2-letter sounds in Set 4  - ai, j, oa, i.e., ee, or and make word lists to assist with the sounds of the vowels.

10. Continue to list words for the tricky sounds in Set 5 - z, w,  ng, v, oo, OO

11. Set 6 - y, x, ch, sh, th, th

12. Set 7 - qu, ou, oi, ue, er, ar

13. Storytelling - read a story book to the group showing how to make it engaging, interactive and link to the sounds of the letters

Overall the workshop went well and the teachers took their Phonics packs with them, hopefully ready to start teaching the next day...

St Mathews have received books from School Aid and so can continue to develop their literacy skills in a meaningful way.....we need to get books for ST. Louis and Mahlonyeng for 2016!! Donate here to our Lesotho Literacy Leap project.


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