Lockdown Learning in Thaba Tseka

Mme Mamotsoane has been involved with Dolen since 2016 and this month reflects on some of her work during her school lock down. She teaches at Thaba Tseka Primary School which is linked with Ninian Park Primary School in Cardiff, Wales. Mme Mamotsoane, Mme Lerato and Vicki Norrish co-created this wonderful slideshow to share information about their school: 


What was your involvement with Dolen's Education Conference?

The gist of the Education Conference was to share with colleagues from abroad and fellow teachers in Lesotho involved in Dolen Cymru activities idea of focusing on learner centred approaches in teaching. To articulate how we employ what we learned in our classroom for improvement's sake.

Personally, this has increased my self esteem and confidence as a facilitator in my school. It gives me happiness to have seen my learners improve and learning with enjoyment.

Professionally, I have been trained to be competitive in what I do. I am able to research more and share my ideas in different forums at my school level and internationally. This emboldened my experience really as a teacher.

Have you had any contact with your learners during lockdown?

Grade 7 learners submitting their work during lockdown

This learner centred approaches has increased my interest as a learning facilitator to want to do extra tasks related to my teaching even during this time of Covid 19 pandemic because learning is done by my learners at their respective homes. It has increased learners inquisitiveness to want to learn their own ways at their own pace.

I real give applause to the idea in general. My learners happily interact with me and their fellow friends in an attempt to responding to the given tasks. They have learned to work on tasks individually and submit their work in time. I tried my best in giving them the feedback that was always followed by a group collaborative correction of the completed exercises to help others to understand even better. All this was done through what's App and phone calls to some of them not connected to What's App.

Though I have talked of the prominent successes, challenges still remain marked. Most learners come from vulnerable families and could not join conversations well due to data shortages. Boy children mostly gave me challenges as they were not always available for weeks. Some learners has lost interest at all. Sometimes the photo copied tasks couldn't reach learners in time or at all. That was the case with the script to be marked. However, we continued amidst all these irritations.

My hope is that the learners will be able to interact and share their learning experiences with others bravely upon coming back after the lock down. Their minds will be alert towards their own learning.

My fear I that, I will have lost more learners due to loss of interest when we come back. Some learners who failed to take part in learning through What'sApp or home learning will be far behind. This will impact on the pace of my facilitation.

For more videos regarding our work in Lesotho this year, follow the link to our YouTube channel:


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