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As a participant in mentoring and coaching programme, I learnt that mentors unlike coaches creates opportunities for collaboration. The characteristic skill was developed by introducing us to effective listening. The experience I gained reflected that I was never a good mentor as most of the time I was judgemental. I have learnt that when mentoring i should be a good listener who shows interest on what mentee says by paraphrasing, summarising, seeking clarification and requesting examples, and also avoid giving opinions. I am looking forward to practice the skills learnt with student teachers. The experience is also worth sharing with my colleagues in order that we be on a par.

Mme Jankie (November 2020)

All the sessions are what we need at LCE teaching practice (TP). I liked how listening and effective feedback were merged in the presentation. The questioning skill recommended for positive support was insightful. I appreciated the four step conversation type of feedback. These sessions are going to be a game changer to both the students and mentors. Both are going to be comfortable working together understanding the roles. This is a million dollar programme in our TP office and I with to share this knowledge with my colleagues as a refresher course for mentoring students on TP and helping the coop teachers. This is highly appreciated.

Mme Tsolele

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  • Nini Thamae
    commented 2020-12-04 10:08:08 +0000
    I always thought mentoring and coaching are one and the same thing but due to these sessions we had I am now in a better position to differentiate them and will now use them accordingly. Furthermore, I learned that both a mentor and a coach should have a good listening skill so as to deal with their student teachers in a manner that will not affect them negatively because listening careful to student teachers concerns and challenges will help me to treat them in such a way that will not affect them negatively. One other thing I was not aware of was that as mentors we don’t have to dictate things to our student teachers when helping them but we have to first of all listen and find out why such a particular student teacher did such a thing then try as much as possible to act accordingly in helping them. These sessions have been helpful though sometimes due to unforseen circumstances I missed some. Having been part of these sessions was really very important because I will be in a position to help my colleagues to do mentoring and coaching effectively. ’M’e Thamae
  • Sharon Flint
    published this page in Blog 2020-12-02 12:56:06 +0000

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