Lesotho visitors share culture with St James' School, Caerphilly


Pupils and teachers of St James primary school welcome special visitors from Lesotho

Pupils and teachers of St James primary school recently hosted a visiting teacher that has taught the school all about life in Lesotho.

Since January this year, St James has been linked with a school in the heart of Lesotho thanks to the work of Dolen Cymru, a charity who has just celebrated their 30th birthday.

Miss Kim Tattum was fortunate to be sent out to Lesotho as part of the charity Dolen Cymru. She spent 6 months in Africa helping teachers develop their teaching skills. On her return St James Primary offered to host her for 2 weeks to develop their links with Lesotho.

During her time at the School Miss Tattum spent half a day in every classroom teaching pupils and staff about life in Lesotho. Activities were completed in each lesson and included making rondavels, toys from rubbish, learning about the different clans, trying on traditional Lesotho clothing and much more.

The fortnight culminated in a final showcase event for the whole school. The guest list included parents, Dolen Cymru’s education officer and 3 Lesotho teachers who are currently in Wales for 8 weeks teaching in schools in Carmarthen. The afternoon started with a pupil from the school welcoming their guests in Sesotho, the native language of the Basotho people and performing the National Anthem of Lesotho. Each class enthusiastically took to the stage and displayed what they had created to their guests, family and friends.

Cllr Rhianon Passmore, Cabinet Member for Education & Lifelong Learning said: “It’s absolutely fantastic that the children of St James Primary have been able to learn so much about the culture of Lesotho through Miss Tattum’s visit. I would like to thank Dolen Cymru on their great work that has resulted in the visit and a big thank you to everyone involved in making it such a success with the pupils and staff alike.”

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