School Linking


Dolen has forged school links between Wales and Africa, reaching over 40,000 Welsh pupils. Linked schools have the opportunity to lead the way in the development of a global village. The exchange of ideas, letters, values, projects and the chance to take part in reciprocal visits has enabled children of both nations to develop a wider understanding of international issues and allowed the development of international friendships and mutually enriching interactions.    

Dolen works with with many schools that are excellent examples of how international links can compliment and enrich the Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) in the curriculum and embed the ethos in the wider community. Through providing these opportunities of an international alliance we can not only provide children in Wales and Lesotho with the best education possible but also the chance to develop a better understanding of the wider world and their role in it as global citizens.

Dolen has worked with with the British Council to enable linked schools to exchange teaching staff and pupils as part of the Connecting Classrooms scheme.  We will help to support schools in all aspects of this scheme and facilitate visits for teachers from both countries to visit each others schools.

The first step is to affiliate your school to Dolen Cymru and then we will find you a school in Lesotho to link with.  As an affiliated school you will also have access to a host of teaching resources as well as help with travel arrangements, insurance and visas.


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