Half way point

It is my 4th week of replacement in Pentip primary in Wales, and that means I have learned alot now, this week was normal and I attended classes. I'm in year 1  this week and I started to introduce to them the Sesotho word,because they are young (6 yrs) in doing baby steps, so I started with the introduction of the name in Sesotho eg my name is Keneuoe (lebitso laka ke Keneuoe in Sesotho) ma gosh! Some learners are too clever, so they learn fast,but to some it was challenging but they only need practice, I hope and believed by end of they will be able to say more in Sesotho and have learned alot about Lesotho...........On Friday we visited St.James primary as one of the Welsh teacher who was in Lesotho for a year now was doing her farewell,parents were invited too.It was a successful event indeed, learners were presenting things they learned about Lesotho and tell a story about how things are done in Lesotho, I was touched. Our country is been recognised in Wales, that is amazing..

by Keneuoe


These are yr2 learners in Ysgol y Castell this week, after they have learned about parts of plants in the classroom they had a chance to take a field trip to a nearby Kidwelly allotment on Wednesday morning. They had painted and drawn the flower in the previous lesson so that was their chance to see the real plant in order to label the parts. Every teacher understands that learning through authentic materials make learners understand and remember the concept very well. That is why yr2 teachers planned that little but useful trip. It was an amazing experience for the children. Apart from that, they were given a chance to make friends with my learners in Lesotho, they wrote letters to Phahameng primary yr 4 pupils, they were very excited about that, they asked lot of questions about life in Lesotho's schools. They were so eager to learn about Lesotho. On Friday, we went to St James Primary in Caerphilly its about 20 min away from Cardiff, where Kim Tattum a Welsh teacher who was in Lesotho was teaching. She and the learners showcased life in Lesotho. The presentations were amazing indeed, they had models, painting, drawings and the different clothes from Lesotho. We were so surprised to see how much they have learned in a short period of time. It was a fantastic show, l really, really enjoyed the show. I hope the coming week will be as interesting as the past four weeks. I am looking forward to it.


By Nthabiseng

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