Goodbye Lesotho

On Wednesday the 29th of June it was time to say our goodbyes. We each took part in a leaving ceremony consisting of songs, dancing and speeches from staff and pupils. I was touched to receive some very special gifts which included; a blue seshoeshoe dress, a traditional Basotho hat and a Basotho blanket.
It was a very bittersweet occasion, there were tearful farewells but is was nice to look back on all we had achieved together. Most significantly the refurbishment of the library which only came together in the penultimate day of my placement,after a long delay to complete the shelving. In my final week I also held a workshop for teachers explaining how to select appropriate books from the library and plan lessons around them, we also practised active story  telling and story mapping. The teachers were keen to participate and were really impressed by the selection of books available, some were not aware that there were many resources other than story books available and everyone found a title suitable for their class and was able to plan an activity linked to the book they had chosen.
The feedback session at the end of the workshop was an important moment for me, as it was wonderful to see each teacher talk so enthusiastically about their plans. This moment was significant because it showed that the staff at Moyeni are very willing to adopt new strategies and able work successfully as a team. In addition, clear to see that the confidence of individual teachers had grown. At this time I also became aware of the strength of the relationship I had built with them, as they were so comfortable presenting their ideas to me and eager to receive my approval. 
I would like to thank everyone at Moyeni Primary for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a very special school, it has been the most wonderful experience. Your buildings are beautiful, your staff are so warm and your learners are inspirational, each day has been filled with kindness and laughter and being here has reminded me just how much I enjoy being a teacher. 
I am so happy to have organised the library for you all, you have a fantastic selection of books which are well deserved and I am certain they will be used effectively and carefully looked after for years to come.
What makes Moyeni unique that it is more like a family than a school, the staff all share a close bond akin to the very best friends and there is a mutual respect between learners and staff which together creates a very strong sense of community. Staff here work hard to continually improve standards and shows that they are committed to providing the brightest future possible for their pupils, I am looking forward to keeping in touch with you all and continuing to see the school prosper and I am so proud that I have shared just a small part of your many successes.

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