Tribute to Professor Glyn O. Phillips

With sadness we report the death of Professor Glyn O. Phillips, who was instrumental in helping give direction to Dolen Cymru in the early days.  With his support Dolen established our first office in the International Centre at NEWI, Wrexham in 1986.

It is sad to note the departure of one of Dolen Cymru’s earliest and most consistent friends, Professor Glyn O. Phillips. Glyn was one of that small group of people responsible for transforming that ambition for Wales to see the world through its own eyes into being and to do so, specifically, by establishing a connection with another nation, far from Wales, on the same pattern as the inter-city relationships seen after the second world war.

An international mentality was second nature to Glyn. Under his leadership as Principal, the North-East Wales Institute had developed relationships and partnerships with a number of overseas establishments, from Sudan and Oman to Palestine and the United States and his scientific activities - his own academic field - ranged even wider.

Because of his support, it was not surprising that it was in the Institute’s International Centre in Wrexham that the meeting was held which led to Lesotho being proposed as partner and the decision made that a body be set up to organise the relationship and friendship with that nation, a suggestion that was warmly welcomed by them. And so Dolen Cymru came into being.

But it was not only in the initial period that Glyn’s support was felt. He was always ready to encourage his staff to contribute to the preparation and development work and it was there, in the Institute’s International Centre, that Dolen Cymru’s first headquarters was established, with an individual appointed to lead the work.

After retirement, Glyn agreed to continue as Consultant and, with his experience of negotiating agreements with funding bodies and his instinct about what would work and what not, his advice was always valuable. With his death Dolen Cymru has lost one of its earliest pioneers and one of its most important supporters.


Geraint O. Thomas

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