Fun and games teaching at Phahameng Primary School

I'm Kim Tattum, a 28 year old primary teacher from North Wales. I have just returned from Quthing, Lesotho after teaching at Phahameng Primary for the last 5 months. Here is a taste of the most amazing experience I had in the beautiful 'Kingdom in the Sky'.


Phahameng children performing a welcome song. 

Grade one fun, being creative after learning about their body

Creating a piece of art of the body, using items from the environment. Great hair styling! 



Fun and laughter using the parachute.




They enjoyed singing 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' and playing 'Simon says'.

The Crocodile and Leopard group were working in pairs to draw around their body using chalk, and then tried to write and label their body. 



A lovely piece of art. The Elephants, Lions and Snakes group used objects from the environment to make a body. An artist in the making!



A wonderful piece of art from a Grade 1 child. Fantastic hair styling made from plant material.



Fun and games counting and practising colours using the parachute. The children were so excited to play games with the parachute.



Storytelling in the Grade Classes

Children love to listen to stories, even more so when they can participate in the stories. I used a range of techniques to engage the learners from making cardboard puppets for Jack and the Beanstalk, to acting like a goat for the Three Billy Goats Gruff to using actions Pie Corbett Style for The Little Red Hen.


Children enjoyed being involved in the storytelling process.



Children in Grade 3 telling the story The Little Red Hen to the whole class in English!



Children beginning to story map The Little Red Hen independently.









Lower ability children working together using cards to sequence the story. Great teamwork Peach group!



Jack and the Beanstalk story mapping in Grade 3 and 4. The children loved my home made cardboard puppets on sticks and silly voices. 

A whole class effort to create a wonderful story map.



When teaching phonics set 2 (g,l,o,u,f,b), The Three Billy Goats Gruff was the perfect story to introduce to Grade 2. The children enjoyed the story and created a lovely display for their class. Each group had a different section to complete. They used a variety of materials to create this masterpiece from food colouring for paint, blue plastic bags, recycled paper and other materials. A masterpiece from Grade 2!
















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