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Link your loo or donate

Why LinkaLoo?

Did you know that one of the ways Dolen Cymru support schools in Lesotho is through our toilet construction projects? By building clean, safe and accessible school toilets for pupils and staff we can decrease instances of ill health and increase attendance, especially for girls – raising prospects for all. 

Through our LinkaLoo project, you can help us improve the safety and dignity of children in Lesotho and support the construction of toilets in schools. 

Why not link your toilet with one in Lesotho?

For £50, we will link your home loo with one of ours in Lesotho and send you a certificate

By linking with an already constructed toilet, your donation will enable us to continue our WASH activities. 

Don’t want to LinkaLoo? You can still help - simply donate any amount below.

If you would like to help the charity earn 25% more from your donation, a giftaid form can be completed after the donation is made.   

NB Please choose the pink box 'Continue to Paypal' to proceed to pay even if you will be paying by Debit or Credit Card.  Paypal operate the payment system on our behalf whether you pay by card or by Paypal

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