Dolen Cymru says a big thank you to all involved in our Educational Programme 2018

This year, Dolen Cymru has again been successful in its aim to enrich and empower learning communities in Lesotho and Wales.

LTPP - Through the Lesotho Teacher Placement Programme (LTPP) our team of 3 Welsh teachers continued to develop partnerships and make a positive impact in schools in the rural mountain district of Thaba Tseka.

WTPP - Through the Wales Teacher Placement Programme we were able to place teachers from Thaba Tseka in schools in Wales enabling pupils and staff in the 4 host Llanelli schools to have an insight to life in Lesotho and first-hand experience of issues relating to global citizenship.

Because of programmes like this, communities in Lesotho grow stronger, friendships across the continents grow stronger and of course, communities in Wales are enriched by their teacher’s greater global experience. This programme changes hearts and minds and was successful on many levels due to the dedication and hard work of all involved. We thank you all, but special thanks go to:

The LTPP team – Sion Watkins, Alyson Heard and Vicki Norrish

The WTPP team – Mme Mputsoe, Mme Mamolemo and Mme Mohlomi

Carmarthenshire County Council and the 4 host schools in Llanelli – Ysgol Gymraeg Dewi Sant, Ysgol Penygaer, Dafen Primary and Swiss Valley Primary

Polly Seton – Global Learning Programme Wales

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