Changing Rooms

 Library created at St James Primary Maseru Lesotho

 The new library at St James Primary opens its doors. .


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After a very slow start work started cleaning a room which was previously used as a church and prior to that a home economics classroom.  The room itself is one which has a lot of natural light having windows at either end, high ceilings and exposed roof timbers. Unfortunately the light showed up the need for complete repainting. The ceiling was also poor shape with a number of ceiling boards needing replacing.  New boards were installed and painting commenced on the walls and roof timbers, in the school colours of blue and white.

The next question that arose was how to house the books that had been donated from numerous schools throughout the UK via School Aid.    

 A quick thank you here

 A BIG Thank YOU to UK SCHOOLS, Your Kindness in donating books to School Aid to those who have very little is beyond measure. As teachers here on the ground in Lesotho we see the immediate positive effects.  A legacy that will endure for years to come.      


Back to the build.  We could not buy shelves to house the books, so shelves had to be built on site.




The project did not stop with the shelves being built. The aim of the library was to create an environment children would visit on a class basis throughout the school week, but also encouraging them to come individually to sit and read.


In UK schools murals painted on the walls may seem quite normal. In Lesotho the depiction of the undersea world, of birds and butterflies  flying high,  stars shining down is quite a unique experience.  Enter the teaching staff of St James and the other members of LTPP 2015 Kim, Rachel and Alice as a working party to begin painting the murals on the walls

On one wall Rachel  painted an open book into which the following words were to be etched into its open pages



One parent who turned up after announcing in a parents meeting what we were painting murals on the walls in the new library.  She painted a Traditional Basotho village scene.



 In keeping with the colourful nature of the room plastic tables and chairs were purchased and the school furniture painted to match.


The St James Primary School Library would not have seen the light of day without the following generous donations.

Dolfor Village Preschool Playgroup, Dolfor, Newtown, Powys, Wales, UK.

David Hopkins, Trust Fund, Nationwide Building Soc Staff Association, UK.

Jason Exley and Pupils of The Venerable Bede Academy, Sunderland UK. 

 Each one of the above were convinced of the value of this project to the children of St James Primary and how it would form a corner stone of some of the other initiatives being introduced via Dolen Cymru LTTP 2015 (Lesotho Teacher Placement Programme) and Lesotho Literacy Leap.

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