Wales Teacher Placement Programme 2016 in Ysgol Tudno

My name is Malefu Alice Moreki. My country is Lesotho. I am a primary teacher in the rural district called Thaba-Tseka. My school is Loti Community Primary School with 10 teachers and 369 learners.

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Wales Teacher Placement Programme in Ysgol San Sior

I am Mamotsoane Mary Ranchobe, a teacher from Lesotho at a school called Thaba-TSeka L E C where I was working with standard seven students. Now I am placed in a Welsh school called San Sior. The principal is Mr Jones who inspired me mostly by his activeness and enthusiasm. Mr Daniel Price is a deputy principal, very caring supportive and loving mentor I have got. I was placed in year six and year four where I was working collaboratively with teachers and learners but I worked well with all different classes. Both teachers and learners were highly involved in the teaching and learning in order to be competent learners and teachers.




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From Phahameng Primary in Lesotho to St James Primary in Wales.

After a wonderful 5 months teaching in Lesotho, I have had the opportunity to share my experiences of living the Basotho life with children and teachers at my placement school St James in Caerphilly.


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Message from Dolen Cymru's Life President and Founder - Dr Carl Iwan Clowes

With this brief message, may I salute all those who have contributed to the success of Dolen Cymru over the last 30 years.

The idea of developing a relationship between two countries over 6000 miles apart was never going to be easy but, as Wales and Lesotho pioneered this first country-to-country twinning, so Dolen Cymru has introduced many thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds to one another and, in doing so, ensured a better understanding between our peoples. In the words of OT Sefako, the Lesotho High Commissioner in 1985, and the first chair of the organisation in Lesotho, the link offered "a new dimension in international relationships". In the 21st century, in an increasingly troubled world, Dolen Cymru offers a pattern of cooperation which is more relevant than ever.

Dr Carl Iwan Clowes OBE

Member of the Most Loyal Order of Ramatseatsana

Honorary Consul for Lesotho in Wales

Moshoeshoe Day 2015


Happy Moshoeshoe Day from the Dolen Cymru office in Cardiff

 The Wales Lesotho link is fantastic, it is also Moshoeshoe Day here in Lesotho today which is a public holiday spread the congratulations amongst you friends...Mary Oliver MBE

Happy Moshoeshoe Day! And congratulations to Dolen Cymru for 30 years of partnership with Lesotho; an amazing achievement!



Happy Moshoeshoe Day from Johnstown School, Carmarthenshire


St James' Primary School in Caerphilly wore their blankets to school & made Basotho Hats



Ysgol Dewi Sant shared their knowledge with the rest of the school on Moshoeshoe Day








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