Active April - Take action for Lesotho

Create your own fundraising event to support our projects in Lesotho. They can take place anytime of the year......but lets get them advertised on our new website this month for maximum participation.

What you can do........

  1. Become a friend of Dolen Cymru for as little as £1 a month (every little helps!!)

 2. Make sure you are following us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram – help us spread our message and get 1000 likes by the end of the year.

 3. Join us for our Events this year from a BBQ in Bute Park to support the CUAC run to the Eisteddfod Yr Urdd in Caerphilly. 

 4. Create your own event as part of Active April – take action for Lesotho (it doesn’t have to happen in April)......all money raised can go to specific projects from the Lesotho Rugby Academy to Lesotho Literacy Leap – check out our new Donations page here. You can have a cake sale, dinner party, cheese and wine night, pub quiz, sponsored bike ride etc. 


I am heading back to Lesotho for the whole of April to ‘take action’ and continue my support of the amazing Basotho teachers and learners I had the fortune to work with since 2013. Please do what you can to support us this year – a huge celebration of 30 years of life-changing links that you are a fundamental part of. 

Kea leboha, Sharon (Education Officer)

April 01, 2015 at 12pm - April 30, 2015

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