Y pethau bach, Hijinx and little people

Seven weeks has flown. To some extent it’s because we’re all so busy, however I think the whole experience has become a part of our life. What will we come home with from being in Thaba Tseka? I’d like to feel that I’ll slow down my pace of life, spend the time cooking food instead of buying packaged stuff, walk that mile and a half to the shops rather than jump in the car. I’m not naïve enough to believe that everything can transfer, my ouzo from a Greek holiday never tasted as good back in Wales. That said I hope I’ll take that Basotho attitude to honesty and friendship, maybe give the time to people and lastly just enjoy the fact I’m healthy and happy.

 Work is ever changing bringing a new sense of adventure and a playful attitude to teaching. How much fun can you have with primary children? Perhaps we’ve forgotten with exams and constant comparisons how intuitively inquisitive and creative young minds are. These children make their own wire cars, can use packaging to create little worlds. They have little formal technological development, but give them the opportunity and you can’t but embrace their joy. Using paint for the first time on their hands, building castles with draw bridges that work, potato stamping. If I’d been told I’d be in a class doing this a year ago I’d have laughed!

That said the maths is tough. They are so used to repeating a question before giving an answer, have little or no experience of practical applications or investigational work. When they get the chance we are fighting a reluctance to engage in anything where the information is not just given. That’s the challenge to let them see how cool a subject it can be. Grade five over the last weeks are looking at special numbers – Primes, Square and Pascal’s Triangle. We are learning ways of maybe giving these numbers characters as well as characteristics. Once it becomes, “I am a prime, I am one of the kings of numbers.”

Anyway over the last fortnight we went on our first outing. We’d met the HiJinx team in the chapter Cardiff last January and spent a day with a