What we do

Through engaging a wide sector of society in Wales and Lesotho we are making a real and sustainable difference to people's lives in both countries.

Dolen Cymru's greatest strength is that we rely on developing links between people and encourage organisations and individuals to work together in partnership, whether they be health workers, teachers or parliamentarians. In working through Welsh people we also develop the skills and attitudes Wales needs to respond to the challenges of an increasingly globalised world.


Specific programmes

We deliver the Lesotho Teacher Placement Programme, giving teachers in Wales the opportunity to spend 6 months living and teaching in Lesotho. 

Dolen Cymru is part of a consortium which delivered the International Learning Opportunities Programme (ILO), which offers public and voluntary sector workers in Wales the opportunity to develop leadership skills by working for 8 weeks in Lesotho or Uganda. Dolen Cymru now works directly wit Welsh Government's Wales for Africa team to facilitate placements in Lesotho.


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