The story so far

January 2013:

Lesotho Teacher Placement Programme 2013 (LTPP) teachers Sharon, Anna, Jess, Rhiannon, Helen and Alyssia took part in the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) workshops for the new Integrated Primary Curriculum in Qacha’s Nek. During their school placements they helped their Basotho colleagues get to grips with the new syllabus for Grade 1, 2 and 3. A syllabus that is integrated, thematic and specifically focused on child-centered learning and core competencies being developed by Basotho children. The Welsh teachers worked particularly on literacy, setting up library spaces and activities, active teaching and learning strategies with their schools then ran a series of training workshops for all early grade teachers in the whole district.


September 2013:

Sharon and Anna returned to Lesotho for 3 months  with an invitation from MOET and the National Curriculum Development Centre for Lesotho (NCDC) to provide more training for teachers. They followed up their workshops in Qacha’s Nek by modelling good practice in teaching phonics, reading and making teaching resources from recycled materials. They also visited all education centres in the Quthing district to provide basic literacy training for all Grade 1, 2 and 3 teachers ready for the placement for LTPP 2014 teachers.

January 2014:

LTPP 2014 teachers Kathryn, Scott, Will, Kim, Ellie and Ffion lived and worked in Moyeni in Quthing for 5 months where they developed and supported the schools adopting these new strategies for teaching reading and using books with huge success. The charity School Aid provided books for all their placement schools, so libraries and book boxes were set up, used and shared with all staff and children. Phonic co-ordinators were allocated in each school to oversee the work started by the Welsh teachers. 


May 2014

The Head of Carmarthenshire Education Services and long term Dolen Cymru trustee visited the group in Quthing with the project founder for a week in April. They visited schools, observed teaching and interviewed staff and pupils with immense pride. Seven schools displayed huge leaps in literacy levels with both children and teachers taking part in active, rich lessons.

More School Aid books were delivered to Qacha’s Nek and each school taking part in LTPP2013 (plus a few more) were visited by the project founder, evaluated and more training provided for all key teachers involved. During the workshop teachers displayed excellent phonic knowledge and peer teaching capabilities.....what will they show in 2015?


September 2014

As part of International Literacy Day many Basotho colleagues uploaded pictures of their libraries, lessons and resources showing that literacy in still on the education agenda in our absence. With this in mind plans for LTPP 2015 were made to support this progress in Quthing for a further year. 14 schools in Wales collected unused reading scheme, fiction and non-fiction books and they were all sorted packaged and delivered to School Aid, ready for shipment in November to Lesotho. Primary schools entered a T-shirt competition to celebrate Lesotho Literacy Leap – 3 designs have been made into t-shirts for both link schools in Wales and Lesotho.

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