Lesotho and Wales

How it all began...

It was at the time of the Ethiopian Famine in 1984 that people in Wales felt that they had to respond to the need in Africa. Civil Society in Wales wanted to work together with an African country to respond to people's need whilst strengthening international relations, instead of just becoming an AID agency. Lesotho was chosen because of its similarities to Wales in size, landscape, billingualism and cultural heritage.


In 1985 the Dolen Cymru link was launched as a two way partnership between Wales and Lesotho. Through understanding and friendship would come involvement and from involvement collaboration where links initiated by individuals, communities and organisations, both in Wales and Lesotho, would lead to common action in a particular sphere.


Hats off to the new link between Lesotho and Wales - March 1985 at the Welsh Office

High Commissioner O T Sefako and Chair of Dolen Cymru, Dr Carl Clowes



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