Support our London Marathon Runners

Please support our runners in the London Marathon. We are really grateful for all their efforts.  Your donations will go to support the work we do in Lesotho - Wales' twin country.

Our runners

Guto2.jpg AledSmall.jpg  Carwyn_small.jpg LisaSmall.jpg   
Guto Morgans Aled James Carwyn Jenkins Lisa Nicholls Daniel Edmonds 
Guto visited Lesotho when he was 9 years old and running the marathon means he can combine two things he loves running his first marathon. Aled's school has benefitted from a link with Lesotho and he wants to support this vital link running his first marathon. Carwyn wants to raise funds to promote global learning in the classroom. This will be his thirdd marathon - a veteran! Lisa is a keen runner who wants to support Dolen Cymru's work in Lesotho. Being part of the school exchange programme, visiting Lesotho and hosting teachers here I fell in love with the country and the people. I want to do as much as possible to help. 


 To donate to any of our runners just click on their name.