RUGBY NEWS: Maseru Warriors Appoint Welsh Coach.

Local Maseru Warriors Rugby Team Appoint Welsh Coach for the remainder of the season.


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St David's Celebration, Quthing

St David’s Day crossed the cultural divide when four primary schools of the Quthing district joined together to celebrate our national day. 


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Gideons New Testament distributed at St James Primary

This brings back memories of receiving a copy of a Gideons New Testament when starting Senior school. There are a number of differences, we did not have to stand out in the very hot sunshine to receive them and ours were in English rather than Sesotho.






The picture show the children  celebrating with Dr Moeti of Gideons International this very special gift enabling them to follow the daily reading in the morning parade (school assembly).


 IMG_6005.JPG IMG_6009.JPG

Jolly Phonics comes to St James Primary Maseru Lesotho

Phonics training has started at St James Primary School today (4/2/15).



At a staff training session the principles behind the use of phonics teaching in schools were introduced.  The 5 basic skills were also shown to the staff concluding with some practical exercises around learning the letter sounds.


IMG_6019.JPG                 IMG_6021.JPG  


As you can see from the pictures the teachers really put the JOLLY into Phonics.





Robert Liscombe teacher from Newtown Powys, a member of LTTP  2015.

Watch this space for further updates about life in St James Primary Maseru.  

Inspirational Teachers of Quthing

This week I have had the pleasure of teaching in different schools and supporting staff with teaching methods and improving English. The differences I see in the teachers and children is immense.

I began my week at my school, Phahameng Primary. They are using some wonderful teaching strategies and varying their methods to engage learners. Teaching in Africa, you are faced with many challenges, including class overcrowding and minimal resources which are what the Grade 4 teachers at Phahameng Primary experience daily.


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Alice's First Month

My first month living and teaching in Lesotho has been a truly unique and fulfilling experience. We felt at home from the minute we arrived here, due to the great warmth and generosity extended by this lively community. 


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Phonic Coordinators Workshop

Six Phonic Coordinators from six different schools joined forces to learn more about phonics, and ways of progressing to raise standards. They are now equipped with more skills to start sharing with their colleagues. The networking process begins!


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Continued Success at Phahameng Primary

Two weeks of the new school year have now past,  I am delighted to have observed some great teaching practice and methods learnt from last year. 

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An Amazing Adventure

My name is Ffion Mullane, and I am a 23 year old primary teacher from Cardiff. I am one of the LTPP 2014 Team who have just returned from Quthing, Lesotho. I was teaching in Moyeni Primary School.


The school building.


The grade 4 classroom.


The fabulous staff of Moyeni Primary!


Me with the one of my largest classes - class 6.


The gorgeous children who would walk with Ellie and I after school.


I really enjoyed teaching the enthusiastic children over in Lesotho.

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Fun and games teaching at Phahameng Primary School

I'm Kim Tattum, a 28 year old primary teacher from North Wales. I have just returned from Quthing, Lesotho after teaching at Phahameng Primary for the last 5 months. Here is a taste of the most amazing experience I had in the beautiful 'Kingdom in the Sky'.


Phahameng children performing a welcome song. 

Grade one fun, being creative after learning about their body

Creating a piece of art of the body, using items from the environment. Great hair styling! 



Fun and laughter using the parachute.



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