Lesotho Rugby Academy

Dolen Cymru is working in partnership with the Federation of Lesotho Rugby to deliver a rugby programme for school children in Lesotho and in September 2014 the Lesotho Rugby Academy was launched.



This programme will work with schools to introduce kids to rugby whilst delivering some important messages about healthy living. In a desperately poor country where 1 in 4 of the population are HIV positive, rugby can offer children the chance to be part of a team and something to work hard for, whilst also teaching them about common health issues and how to avoid them.

A pilot programme was started in October 2014 and all going well, 2015 will see the full launch working with 40 schools.

Rugby in Action

Read Alex's story and how rugby changed his life.

LRA_Group.jpgThe programme was the brainchild of Dan Aylward who spent 2 years working for the Lesotho government in Maseru. 

You can read about his visit to launch the programme here.

It costs £300 to run a 10 week rugby course in a school in Lesotho.

You can donate to the programme here.


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