Learning in Lesotho

Here you can learn about our work in the education field in schools and colleges. 

We’re working hard to help every child in Lesotho get the education they have a right to.
Dolen Cymru realises the importance of education as a tool for creating understanding and tolerance, for lifting people out of poverty and for creating active global citizens. With only a quarter of primary school children in Lesotho going onto secondary education there are many challenges to be faced.

Dolen Cymru supports schools and educationalists in Wales and Lesotho in numerous ways. These range from our Lesotho Teacher Placement Programme, which allows Welsh teachers to work in schools in Lesotho for 6 months, to our school linking programmes and reciprocal visits which allow both primary and secondary schools in Wales to create sustainable links with schools in Lesotho. We also work with teachers and principals in Lesotho as part of our Lesotho Literacy Leap programme, the Wales Teacher Placement Programme and the Commonwealth Professional Fellowship.

 All of our educational work aims to develop long lasting relationships which can make a positive difference to the lives of people both in Wales and Lesotho.

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