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Carmarthenshire schools link with Lesotho

Growing number of Carmarthenshire schools link with Lesotho

Coedcae School in Llanelli is the 21st  school in Carmarthenshire to connect with classrooms in Lesotho as part of an international learning programme.

Surrounded on all sides by South Africa, Lesotho is known as the Kingdom in the Sky - it is set above 1,388 metres and has the highest low point of any country in the world with many of its villages still hard to access other than by foot or on horseback.

There are many differences between life in Wales and Lesotho, but focusing on shared priorities such as climate change, raising aspirations, and promoting bilingualism ensures the links benefit learners in both countries; and they develop a better understanding of the wider world and their role in it as global citizens.

Coedcae geography teacher Victoria Colbourne, on behalf of pupils from the school’s Eco Committee, said: “Here at Coedcae we are very excited to have the opportunity to join our classrooms and communities, and to work on projects that will allow us to discover first-hand about Lesotho's country, culture and values.

“We can't wait to share ideas, learn from each other and make friends along the way. This couldn't be more important during these challenging times. We can't wait to get started.”

Watch Victoria here being interviewed by 'That's TV, South Wales'


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Reflections from Katlehong Primary School

Mme Lillian Mohlomi teaches at a large school in Thaba Tseka  called Katlehong Primary School. She came to Wales in 2018 and is partnered with Swiss Valley Primary School in Llanelli (hear from Head teacher Mr Morris here about his trip to Lesotho). During lockdown she has been running home learning for some of her class, here are her reflections:

Lockdown home classes:

Objective: to help learners with learning as they're are still at home through social media.

Success: Learners were able to do and submit their work through whats app. We were able to define the topic and give notes.

Challenges: We discovered that we have only 5% of learners who can access the social media. Our learners are in remote areas where there is no network. The other barrier is the type of phones they have, they can’t access social applications. Learners also do not have their own phones so when parents went out for various reasons they do not do the work. Some parents have phones but are unable to use them.

What we think can work: to make focus group in villages to give learner work and collect it for assessment weekly. Maybe we can reach about 70% and that can have a large impact on our learners.




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Lockdown Learning in Thaba Tseka

Mme Mamotsoane has been involved with Dolen since 2016 and this month reflects on some of her work during her school lock down. She teaches at Thaba Tseka Primary School which is linked with Ninian Park Primary School in Cardiff, Wales. Mme Mamotsoane, Mme Lerato and Vicki Norrish co-created this wonderful slideshow to share information about their school: 


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Lockdown Learning at Lesotho College of Education

Cynhadledd Addysg - Education Conference 19th November 2020



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