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Walk the Global Walk Summer News 2020




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Basotho Maths Club

Many student teachers have joined the Basotho Maths Club. This innovative way of training long distance using Facebook  was started by Sion Watkins after returning to Wales. He went to Lesotho this year from January to March and continued to lead training and lesson modelling in Maths. He is now continuing 'Club' and has 74 members already!

Its success is a testament to our volunteers work with the Thaba Tseka campus of Lesotho College of Education. Our second long term volunteer Anne Loughran had a chance to meet with lecturers and students this year (albeit her trip was cut short) to measure impact and plan ahead for our collaboration with the University of Wales Trinity St. Davids. One of the highlights of her short trip was a Maths workshop held for High School teachers, lecturers and students in Thaba Tseka town. A great model for working together.

Basotho lockdown teacher survey

A survey was sent to all teachers who visited Wales in 2019 and those who were due to visit in 2020, it asked many questions about their access to teaching and learning during lockdown and what challenges they face. Dolen’s priority is now to plan effective online solutions for home learning, teacher training and teacher mentoring over the coming year. 


A second survey is in process with a consultation group in Lesotho to move this forward.

SDG4 Quality Education Conference 2020

Hear from one of our volunteers Mr Anthony Stevenson here:

I have previously had very few opportunities to have a such a central and active role at a teachers’ conference before and certainly never in one south of the equator! It was a great learning experience for me to be involved right from the inception of the idea through to the delivery of the programme. However, it would have been almost impossible to deliver had it not been for the experience, local-knowledge, professionalism and passion of Sion Watkins. His ‘finger on the pulse’ knowledge of what learning was needed and his local knowledge of where to source resources and establish professional links was invaluable.

Volunteers Ceri Morris, Sion Watkins, Anthony Stevenson, Gwawr Morris & British High Commissioner to Lesotho Anne Macro

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8 insights to share from my 3rd visit to Lesotho…….

Back in Lesotho for a third time is a little like going to an old school reunion; you sort of can’t pass up the opportunity to go in case you miss out on something special, and yet you’re not sure if everything is as wonderful as you thought it was! On reflection though, I feel I’m in a position to come up with 8 things I’ve learnt from this shortened visit…..

1. Public transport is not for the faint hearted

Yes, I’ve taken public transport here before, somehow though I’ve not crammed in as many journeys and in particular long ones to Maseru. This year’s experiences were bizarre. A journey to Maseru in a 1960’s bus with I suspect no brakes as most of the downhill sections were in second gear. The bus had 56 seats and was carrying 96 people. That doesn’t include the mattresses, cooking utensils and other household items on board. I learnt a couple of things on this journey…. When the final horn is blasted at the start of the journey it signifies for half the passengers currently buying supplies to get on and at same time it warns the other half, currently on the bus that they have to buy supplies.

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