About Dolen

What do we do?

We help to create lasting, positive change in the southern African Kingdom of Lesotho – and in communities here at home in Wales.

How do we do it?

Link by link. We introduce professionals from schools, hospitals and other organisations who share ideas and approaches. So one teacher learns a new technique from another – and she then goes and teaches that technique to her colleagues, who go on to show others how to do it too? Because they collaborate, schools improve, communities improve and whole districts improve. Kids grow up empowered, with their own ideas to share.

Where are we based?

Our UK office is in Cardiff but we work with communities and professionals across the whole of Wales.


"In health, education, environment and religion the partnership with Wales has been a real source of inspiration and hope to our people."

Kenneth Tsekoa, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lesotho

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