Who we are and what we do


Dolen connects two small countries at opposite ends of our world – Wales and Lesotho.

We bring people together from both countries who want to make lasting positive change in their communities.

They are individuals whose energy and dedication burns bright, creating brighter futures for those around them.

"In health, education, environment and religion the partnership with Wales has been a shining source of inspiration and hope to our people."

Kenneth Tsekoa, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lesotho


What we do

Wales and Lesotho may be thousands of miles apart,  but across both small countries there are wonderful shining stars.  These stars are the professionals - in healthcare, teaching and other areas- who are dedicated to building better lives and stronger communities.

We bring these stars together to form great networks of people- because together, across Wales and Lesotho, we shine brighter

One of our stars in Sion.  He is a teacher who has spent time in Lesotho over the last two years.  He ran numeracy workshops for teachers to help them bring understanding to their learners and make numbers exciting!  And they shared their approaches with him. 

The light Sion spread in Lesotho is getting brighter by the day because his new friends and colleagues share these new approaches with hundreds of other teachers across their district.  Sion took this light back to Wales with him, bringing fresh inspiration and insight to global citizenship in Wales.

This the way we work - whether it is with health workers, teachers. communities. We bring knowledge, learning and ideas together which is shared and spread across communities in Lesotho and here in Wales.


Do you want to come and shine with us?


Where are we based?

Our UK office is in Cardiff but we work with communities and professionals across the whole of Wales.

Latest News

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