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    Hurricane Anne

           “You take every opportunity given you in this world, even if you have too many opportunities. One day, the opportunities stop, you know.” - John Irving


    29th March 2019, I’ll probably remember the date till the day I die. That’s when 'Hurricane Anne' hit Lesotho.


    Having been dropped off at a garage stop by Niall and Vicki, I was transferred by an old colleague (Setempe) to his house before picking up Anne Loughran at Maseru Airport. Five hours in the company of his kids Felix and David was a lot of fun, I was dutifully entertained by the elder, Felix, until the siren calls of his friends’ soccer game won over. David who is younger has not as yet mastered English so I spent the latter part of the day watching cartoons and marvelling how the same story is repeated endlessly.


    At five we picked up Anne. She was waiting with a French lady she’d met on the flight whose son had not arrived. Being Anne we were 'commanded' to stay there until he arrived!! The airport closed up, the sun was setting, I had visions of us huddling together with our bags for a night when finally he came. That’s Anne! Kind, caring but totally in control. After a fortnight with her I feel that I’m back to being a small boy whose Aunt has breezed into town and decided that my life has to be ordered!!!

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